How can employers or project owners be sure of hiring the best talent? 
 A key feature of Lenjon is our talent recognition program. This program will allow business owners to delegate to us the time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task of finding and hiring freelancers. By proactive vetting of the experts working on the platform, we will be building a database of pre-selected and time-tested top talent. If the project requires proven expertise we will be able to assist in reaching it. 
 Careful filtering based on the project criteria, language tests and interviews, soft and technical skills assessment, checking certifications, verifying identity and others are just some of the actions we can perform on behalf of the project owner. The outcome will be an index of the best available talent, freelancer or professional that fits the requirements. The list of suggested freelancers will be backed with all the information generated through the process, plus the expert’s track record and analysis on how they will fit the project including the cost. This will enable the business representative or project owner to make their choices based on carefully selected and validated data.

The uniqueness in our offering lies in the opportunity of the LEN token holders and community members that are experts in various areas to earn additional income by participating in this talent recognition program. In this way, the vetting process will be a win-win model for the community and will enable us to employ the vast amount of SMEs in assessing the freelancers. The Lenjon platform will be attracting and reaching out to top professionals in several areas of specialization to join the platform and offer their high-end services. This is in a bid to attract high-end businesses to the Lenjon ecosystem. 
 The creation of exclusive packages on the Lenjon platform will attract top class professionals. We will be setting up a mechanism to ensure the proper review of these top professionals who would have access to the exclusive packages on our platform. An accurate assessment of targeted financial markets of experienced professionals will be provided by the Lenjon ecosystem.