Changelog — 05.05.2018

Today one of our biggest updates went online!

What’s new?

  • Our new website (with a dashboard) that allows you to set the bot on our homepage so you don’t need to search for hours to find a command. (Important: You can not change all settings of the bot via Dashboard)
  • Our new blog, available at (To keep up to date, you can subscribe to our blog!)
  • Our support panel of Freshdesk was abolished because many users were dissatisfied. (All bug reports, etc. that were created are still being edited!)
  • It is now possible to write suggestions and bug reports on our Discord server (
  • We have a new administrator, Dadi, who takes care of all the moderation of the Discord server. Congratulations!
  • We now have support channels on our discord server for each language that the bot support currently.

Our website is in alpha phase, so we rely on your help and would be very happy if you tell us your suggestions and report any bugs you find!

Many Thanks!

Monkeyyy11 — Founder of LenoxBot