Changelog — 20.05.2018

Little updates went online today!

What’s new?

  • We have 2 new bots on our discord server; Proposalbot, Bugbot who manage our bugreports and suggestions. You can write a new bugreport using ?bugreport on our support server ( and a new suggestion using ?proposal
  • We made our whole website reponsive, that means that you can easily use it on mobile without design bugs (normally)
  • We added new shortlink like www.lenoxbot/discord or
  • The bot has now a new playing status
  • Added new browser titles for every page of our website
  • We removed the “Embed created by…” when creating an embed via the following command ?embed
  • The embed url of all NSFW-commands is now the link of the gif, video or picture
  • Version is now written in ?botinfo
  • We have a completly new navigation bar and a serverlist for our website
  • Removed the “New”-label from Blog (website navigation bar)
  • We made the dashboard alerts responsive
  • A few updates for the ?fortnite command. For example, a check if the entered console exists…
  • Some updates for the stats number increment on our home page and overview page on the dashboard

Which bugs have we fixed?

  • The bot didn’t answer when somebody used a command of a module that is currently deactivated
  • chatfilter settings were missing in ?events
  • Userjoin and Userleft logsettings weren’t working on our dashboard
  • ?embed command wasn’t working
  • The table on the “Overview”-page on our dashboard was not full width