Changelog V1.5.2–31.05.2018

What’s new?

  • We added a button in the documentation to get directly redirected to the commands list (
  • We have now a closed/opened section for tickets on the dashboard
  • Added facebook Social Media Link to the footer
  • The command list supports now the “Tickets”-module
  • We removed the cooldown when someone entered no text for his ticket
  • A new question for the BugBot was added
  • Every Ticket in the tickets-list has now a creation date in the button text
  • Ticket answers accept now also white spaces
  • 2 new commands: ?setacceptedmessage and ?setrejectedmessage that accepted/rejected applicants get
  • The dashboard has now a new section for all applications. You can now manage all applications over the dashboard
  • Removed the ?togglearchive command because we don’t need it because of the new dashboard where all tickets get saved
  • New command: ?applicationnotification to get notifications in an specific channel if someone submits an application

Which bugs have we fixed?

  • We removed the buggy border radius for the navigation bar
  • The weird striggle between the footer icons has been also removed
  • Buggy join icon
  • Dashboard Guild Title was not central
  • Buggy card width on the main page
  • Some invalid links on the main page
  • Removed the hamburger on the dashboard left navigation sidebar
  • Added monospaced for “?modules” error message
  • Some bugs using ?job

We wish you fun with the new updates!