Changelog V1.5 — 26.05.2018

What’s new?

  • Anymore duplicated chatfilter entries (dashboard)
  • We removed the ?donators command
  • We have a complety new footer (
  • The login/logout button is now on the right side of the navigation bar
  • We added the avatar also to the right of the navigation bar
  • We offer you a whole new module with many features included on our website. Our new module is named “Tickets”. You can offer your Discord Users a whole ticket system.
  • 2 new commands: ?ticket to create a ticket on a discord server, and ?ticketnotification for the server staff to get ticket notifications when there are updates on a ticket
  • The “Tickets”-category on our server-dashboard is now open to all webusers. You can see a list of all opened tickets. If you click on a ticket, you can see all answers of the ticket and close or open the ticket.
  • We have also a completly new documentation with a dashboard for our “Documentation-Moderators”. They can add and edit every entry in the documentation.
  • The Bot-Dashboard is now in the BETA-Phase

Which bugs have we fixed?

  • ?bugreport didn’t work because of an filename that was wrong
  • We fixed a lot of bugs of the Bugbot and Proposalbot
  • Fixed the bug that occured when someone entered “5” after executing ?job

We wish you fun with the new updates!