Changelog V1.5.4–09.06.2018

Big updates!

What’s new?

  • We removed the login page. You get now directly redirected to Discord OAUTH when clicking on the login button
  • Removed buggy buttons “Show me more” and “To the Top” on the main page
  • Some updates for the mobile version of the applications-list and tickets-list
  • New embed colors for accepted/rejected bugreports/proposals
  • You have now the possibility to see another user’s bugreportpoints or proposalpoints using ?bugreportpoints @USER or ?proposalpoints @USER
  • We made many design changes
  • New icons for the Ticket overview
  • We updated our features list on the index page
  • New commandlist design
  • We updated the “Not logged in”-notification on the website
  • We added some new icons to the documentation
  • You can get a link for every single documentation entry
  • Removed the “Ticket by…” and “Answer by…” on the Ticket Overview
  • We added a new navigation item to the sidebar on the dashboard “Custom commands”
  • Search boxes have been added to the commandslist and documentation
  • Icons have been added to every single navigation entry on the dashboard

Which bugs have we fixed?

  • Too many spaces in the documentation entries
  • The “Submit”-button to change the server’s prefix was on the wrong place
  • You couldn’t delete applications via the new button on the dashboard (There was a 404 error.
  • The notification, that appeared when a settings was changed, didn’t slide up
  • Fixed the buggy “Not logged in”-notification
  • We removed the non necessary message that a votechannel has to be defined
  • Sometimes the dropdown menu didn’t open on the dashboard
  • Fixed buggy navigationbar links on the Ticket overview and Application Overview

We wish you fun with the new updates!