Changelog V1.5.5–18.06.2018

Partnered with LudusHosting

What’s new?

  • We removed the entries-limit for the application module
  • We are now partnered with Ludushosting
  • The memberscount on the index page changes now every 30 minutes
  • You can now warn a user by his id using ?warn <id> <reason>
  • Moved the warnlog command in the moderation module
  • Added new music menu (where you can stop/play/resume/skip music) that appears in the music module (dashboard) whhen you are listening to music
  • Every module has now it’s own section in the navigation bar on the dashboard
  • You have the possibility to activate/disable commands of each module via the dashboard

Which bugs have we fixed?

  • Fixed undefined Field title in the ?help embed
  • Removed Votechannel, Archive, Archivechannel from the dashboard interface
  • Wrong version in ?botinfo

We wish you fun with the new updates!