Changelog V1.6.0–22.07.2018

Version 1.6.0 is live!

What’s new?

  • We made a lot of changes to the index page
  • You have now the possibility to see all logged actions through the dashboard (The button is on the dashboard overview page)
  • We’ve added a new donation page (
  • The dashboard left the beta phase
  • The command list got updated
  • No more minus points for a rejected bugreport or proposal
  • Changes to the embed that serverowners receive when they invite the bot
  • The donation link in ?botinfo got updated
  • New phrases for ?penissizecalculator
  • Possibility to see the current votes of an application, also after voting
  • We’ve added a dynamic market system with which one you can gain or lose money when you buy or sell items
  • The dashboard gives you now the possibility to set up the needed permissions to see the tickets and applications
  • We added a livechat to our website with which one you can contact the support
  • (Much better META stats for searching machines)
  • New command ?dailyremind ; enables or disables the dailyremind
  • New command ?playlist ; create new Music playlists on this Discord server
  • New command ?playplaylist ; plays a music playlist
  • Many changes to the english strings
  • You can now see on the index page how many commands have been executed so far
  • You receive now between 100 and 1000 credits for upvoting LenoxBot on (On friday, saturday, sunday ; you receive between 200 and 2000 credits)

Which bugs have we fixed?

  • Fixed the BugBot crashes
  • There were huge bugs with the NSFW commands, we’ve fixed them
  • Fixed some variable bugs for the application module (to be more specifiy, the message that accepted and rejected applicants receive
  • Fixed some bugs for ?approverole
  • Many users couldn’t access the tickets section in the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug that you couldn’t add more than 7 songs
  • The server icons were not centered when the browser window was docked
  • Fixed a bug that showed the wrong description of a command

We wish you fun with the new updates!