Work in SAAS? Here are some tricks to retain your clients during COVID-19

Sarah Mooney
Apr 2, 2020 · 4 min read

While social distancing is good for your health, it’s bad for businesses. A long list of business-types are being affected. Retail businesses are losing foot traffic, restaurants are empty, and tech SaaS companies are losing subscribers — shooting churn rates through the roof. Businesses of all kinds are working tirelessly to retain their clients during COVID-19 — you should be too. But how? Many businesses are worried that the impact of COVID-19 will be longer than anticipated. As a result, SAAS companies (along with many others) are looking for ways to keep their clients during the coronavirus lockdown. Here are some tips to keep your clients engaged from a distance.

Communicate proactively with your clients

Keep your clients close. Even though consumer confidence is dropping, there will be clients that aren’t affected by COVID-19, and there will be clients that have been affected, however, they still require your services to function. Your priority needs to be ensuring that your product is of value during this troubling time.

Let your clients know why they should continue working with you. If they have rewards available, and ready to claim, be sure to remind them. If they are close to reaching a threshold to unlock rewards or to move up to another tier, make sure to let them know.

Think about what you can be doing to keep clients feeling confident about retaining their services with you.

Gift your corporate client a virtual fitness class

Everyone is stuck at home, losing their minds.

Working from home isn’t easy, everyone has been forced to turn their place of relaxation into their place of work. (I’ve published a blog RE: How to actually get sh*t down while working from home, read it if you need some help in that department!). One thing that working from home creates, is a lack of productivity. That couch you’d pass out on daily, if not weekly becomes your workspace.

Endorphins are produced by working out and are known for improving productivity significantly. Being sluggish all day is damaging to everyone’s health.

It’s such a unique gift to send the gift of employee morale-boosting. Your clients will be able to host a virtual event for up to 50 employees, and they’ll have SO much virtual fun! And, you’ll be the one they thank.

Not only can you give this to your clients. You can use these virtual fitness events to bring on new clients, and finally convert clients that have been leaving you hanging. It’s such a unique demand gen tactic, and we’re blown away by how our clients are using this new product during such marketing-crazy times.

P.s. SUPER cheap! Only $199/ event, with an instructor from any of the following big fitness brands.

Book an event here, and learn more about our virtual events here.

Form new relationships

Many SAAS companies have made the decision to stop paid acquisition channels; like SEM, and Facebook advertising, because they’ve noticed the effectiveness has decreased significantly. It brings on pressure, but it’s important to realize that acquisition doesn’t need to stop completely.

Your current clients are your cheerleaders at this time, your biggest asset. They love your brand and can leave you some positive reviews, which will convert other clients. They also have the ability to spread the word about your business, and ultimately become a lead generating advocate.

Incentivizing reviews and referrals, with loyalty points or a cash bonus is the best chance to get these behaviors happening often. You may not see some immediate results, but you will long-term as things start to return to normal. You can even incentivize social media engagement by rewarding your clients every time they mention your business.

Work on getting people talking about your brand as much as possible.

Build a community

Research shows that 68 percent of people become loyal to a brand when they realize a business shares the same values as they do. This is the opportunity to prove your current customer base that you share their beliefs. This is going to allow you to build a strong community of clients with a sense of belonging.

You can incorporate your beliefs by adding some messaging to your current emails, website popups, social media posts, and blogs — remember, content is king. And, historically content has always provided the most boost coming out of troubling times.

You can choose temporary causes, or causes that are affecting your customers. Choose messaging that brings your business and clients together — considering the current climate.

You got this! We believe in you!


Honestly, we’re in a time of uncertainty. COVID-19 has been bringing out some of the best behaviors people have. Which, ultimately gives businesses like yours the opportunity to prove to your existing client base that you care — that you’re there to support them as they see challenging times ahead. Continue to create meaningful relationships.

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