About Me

Hello, world!

I am Leonard, a freelance UX Magician (not a wizard yet). Present me with your problems! I will chop them into discrete but related pieces for analysis, perform an Alchemy of Optimized Experiences in my aluminum cauldron, and serve an elixir to make your pain points disappear!

As a natural storyteller and visual communicator, I will persuade, nay, convince you through cohesive data, compelling narratives, and clear visuals where your problems exist and how to solve them with creative but practical solutions. Through an explorative journey rooted in thorough research and guided by empathy for the user, work with me to guarantee your users’ satisfaction as we facilitate the attainment of their goals and yours.

I have a penchant for unified UX solutions that address User Research, Information Architecture, and Visual Design as a unit.

As a former web developer, I am proficient HTML/CSS and JavaScript along with their most popular frameworks Bootstrap, LESS, and jQuery for high-fidelity prototyping. I also possess working knowledge of Axure RP to add rapid prototyping to my knowledge base. Coupled with good design sense (from a personal interest in traditional design topics such as color theory, typography, and composition), you can rest assured I will offer well-informed and well-crafted solutions.

When I am not eliminating unnecessary hamburger menus on scratch paper, you may find me eating at your local hole-in-the wall, being pretentious about coffee at a local roaster, or jumping at a concert.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any challenges, opportunities, or questions!

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