Empowering Creators

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is a $129BN industry expected to grow to $150BN in the next two years.

Leonardo Render has solved a major problem in graphical rendering which prior to now has been hamstrung by high costs and slow delivery. Architects, product designers, digital artists, animators, game developers — all rely on computationally intensive rendering processes to create stills or videos from 2D or 3D drawings. CG creators can wait up to 24 hours to see a single image rendered, while animators face regular waits of up to a month for each second of rendering.

Speeding up the rendering process requires a large number of GPUs (Graphical Processing Units), forcing businesses to make heavy capital investment in hardware and infrastructure. Cloud-based rendering services exist as an alternative, but are highly expensive and hindered by extended queues as well as by the security vulnerabilities inherent in cloud-based files.

Leonardo Render utilizes a game changing proprietary software that allows the user to connect directly to massive GPU mining farms and use their formidable processing power rather than the limited amount contained in their personal device. Instead of waiting patiently while each file is rendered in the cloud, then downloaded, the user can have their files rendered piecemeal, offering a real-time view of the rendering progress.

Marco Iodice, CEO & Founder, Seven-Times Cannes Lion Winner.
“After 15 years of experience in the creative industries, I realized that rendering speed was a serious bottleneck that needed solving. We have spent the last four years perfecting an entirely new approach to overcome all of the major hurdles faced by designers, artists, and developers in their rendering projects. The Leonardo Render solution is a game-changer.”

The Leonardo Token

Leonardo Render is a solution that marries a software application to a blockchain protocol to deliver access to a distributed supercomputer dedicated to rendering. The project is already in the first stage of deployment, with a vertically integrated partnership with the 23,000 GPU facility of Giga Watt — the largest crypto-mining site in the United States.

Tokens in the ecosystem, LEOS tokens, are staked by large-scale GPU aggregators (crypto miners with a 100 GPU minimum) to offer rendering services on the Leonardo network. Miners are incentivized by a much greater value proposition for their computational work. A single miner GPU mining Ethereum, on average, earns $.0.027 USD per hour. In comparison, a single render miner GPU is expected to earn nearly $.50 per hour, an increase of 1,752%.

Leonardo Render is entering the market at an unusually advantageous point in time. Ethereum mining prior to now has been dominated by GPU miners which have just become superseded by new ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) Ethereum mining hardware. This means that there is a large pool of potential hardware providers who are soon to be left holding infrastructure that struggles in its conventional role and who will be looking for profitable alternatives.

Leonardo Render is an exciting opportunity landing at a perfect time. It brings together the solution to a major computational problem; a $150BN market thirsty for this service; the power of the blockchain for creating new market ecosystems; established hardware resources ready to deploy; and a large amount of infrastructure in need of a new market ecosystem. It’s rendering reimagined.

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