[Bleu Magazine] Amercians Are Big Fans Of Celebrity Emoji Apps

In the United States, a lot of Americans use celebrity emoji apps for daily purposes. According to MojiLaLa, an artsy emoji distribution and monetization platform, they ran the 2017 Celebrity National Survey and got interesting results. Check out the results below:

Full Ranking Of The Most Popular Celebrity Emoji Apps
#1: Ellen Degeneres (Ellen Emoji Exploji) (44%)
#2: Charlie Sheen (Sheenoji) (21%)
#3: Ariana Grande (Ari) (16%)
#4: Wiz Khalifa (Wizmoji) (15%)
#5: Steph Curry (StephMoji) (15%)
#6: Kim Kardashian (Kimoji) (14%)
#7: The Game (12%)
#8: Justin Bieber (Justmoji) (11%)
#9: Fetty Wap (9%)
#10: Fabulous (Young EmOGis) (9%)
#11: Rick Ross (9%)
#12: Amber Rose (MuvaMoji) (7%)
#13: Blac Chyna (Chymoji) (6%)

Ranking Of The Top 5 Celebrity Apps Americans Wish Existed
#1: Lady Gaga (29%)
#2: Taylor Swift (25%)
#3: Carrie Underwood (25%)
#4: Katy Perry (24%)
#5: Luke Bryan (24%)

– 80% of emoji users are self-proclaimed fans of celebrity emoji apps. While 57% say they like celebrity emoji apps but don’t actually use them, 23% love them and actively use them. Only 20% of Americans “think celebrity emoji apps are stupid.”

Additional Stats:

Emojis In The Workplace
– 33% of people say they use emojis in professional settings, while 28% said the use of them are discouraged at their workplace.

– 20% of people surveyed find the meaning of the eggplant emoji confusing, with the two people dancing wearing bunny ears coming in close second at 15% on the list of most confusing emojis.

– 43% of emoji users say they use their favorite 2–3 emojis daily.

Source: http://bleumagazine.com/amercians-big-fans-celebrity-emoji-apps/