[The Dynamo] MojiLaLa Is on the Hunt for Cleveland’s Best Undiscovered Artists

Known for its non-traditional approach to monetizing artwork through original emojis and stickers, MojiLaLa is launching a massive call for artists and designers in Cleveland for the first time by asking residents a simple question:

“Are you sick of pouring your heart and soul into your art — and not getting paid for it?”

With its team of tech experts who can distribute and monetize digital artwork around the world at the click of a button, MojiLaLa is asking Cleveland artists to submit their artwork online at:

The process is easy: Artists deliver their work simply (no coding knowledge needed!), quickly, and free of charge to iMessage users who crave fresh and unique emojis. In exchange, artists receive 50% of the profits of sales of their emojis.

Dubbed by CNBC as the ‘Netflix’ of digital stickers, MojiLaLa has achieved amazing results for artists in other U.S. cities:

* It has signed on over 2,000 artists within just a few months of launch
* Its artist network has created over 17,000 original emojis and stickers
* The app has generated more than 300,000 downloads, making it the #1 sticker distributor for Apple’s iMessage

For any artist in Cleveland who has ever found themselves living from paycheck to paycheck — creating beautiful work but finding themselves without the resources to distribute and sell it — the MojiLaLa approach is a real miracle.

Source: The Dynamo

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia User: Aeroplanepics0112Photo