[Women Love Tech] Add Some Mojo To Your Messages With MojiLaLa Artsy Emojis And Stickers

With an amazing 6 billion emojis being sent every day, you might be ready to expand your repertoire with some digital stickers. Stickers are small illustrations (slightly bigger than emojis) which you can use to send to your friends and family through messaging apps.

Motivated by the lack of diversity in current emojis, Dana Loberg, created the MojiLaLa app to fill the gap and allow consumers to send images which fully express themselves.

CNBC has named the app the ‘Netflix’ of digital stickers. There is a huge range of diversity with more than 12,000 original emojis from around the world. There are often emojis and stickers on trending and controversial topics, including images with a political and pop culture theme.

MojiLaLa Unlimited is currently the number one sticker distributor for Apple iMessage. I was pleased to discover there are a ton of female friendly emojis, including female entrepreneurs, Women working, all the emotions of women and African American lifestyle.

Through MojiLaLa, artists can distribute their work for free and receive a generous 50% of the profits.

You can download the free MojiLaLa Unlimited app in the iTunes store which includes over 2,600 stickers.

If you want access to all of the stickers, then there is a paid version. Alternatively, just select the sticker packages you like as an extra add-on, starting from just under a dollar.

MojiLaLa have partnered with Kika Keyboard (which is the largest keyboard in android) for Android users. Stay tuned for the Android launch date.

About MojiLaLa

MojiLaLa is a marketplace of artsy emojis and stickers for every messaging conversation, made from artists from all over the world. The MojiLaLa keyboard app grants access to some of the most local, current, and global issues, with high-quality emojis and stickers from artists who want to enhance and express every kind of emotion and trending topics.

Source: Women Love Tech