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Lepricon Passes Soft Cap — Operations Begin

Hong Kong, 17 February 2021 — Lepricon Technologies, a community-governed prediction games platform, announced that they had achieved their soft-cap target. Lepricon now has access to the funds and is immediately commencing operations to launch the gaming platform by the first quarter of 2021.

Several significant funds are participating, including:

“We started this project with the underlying belief that the nexus of where blockchain and gaming collide provides the next biggest opportunity in blockchain and DeFi app development, ” said Joshua Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon. “The market agrees with us, given the speed with which we have hit our capital targets.”

Stephen Browne, Co-Founder & COO of Lepricon, added, “Now that we have reached our first financial target, we can begin the task of assembling the team that will launch the gaming platform. Starting today, we are executing the plan.”

Genesis Block Ventures said in a statement, “Lepricon uniquely combines the elements of DeFi, games entertainment, and NFTs. We have seen the great potential the Lepricon team holds, and we are delighted to participate in their exciting journey to drive the adoption of blockchain technology through gamification!”

Jan Stastny, Partner at Signal Ventures said, “Lepricon is aiming to revolutionize DeFi by incorporating gamification and NFTs into its platform, which will eventually become fully governed by its users. The tremendous experience their team possesses leaves very little doubt that this project will become one of the most popular in the space.”

“Lepricon is a revolutionary application with an experienced team and growing distributed community that immediately caught our eye,” added Daniel Pal, Managing Partner at Moonboots Capital. “With the explosion of decentralized prediction markets, we’re confident the Lepricon ecosystem will become the premiere gaming and NFT application of choice through inter blockchain accessibility and user-governed economies. We are truly honored to be early supporters.”

William Parbina-Soto III, SMO Co-founder, said, “We are looking forward to adding another exciting partnership for SMO Capital with blockchain tech in NFTs. Lepricon brings a wealth of experience to the gaming space and with big plans for the future. We look forward to being a part of the explosion in online gaming together.”

The Lepricon platform will launch in the first quarter of 2021. It will provide hyper-casual games for the general public that operate on a blockchain backbone via their native governance token, L3P. Three games, developed in-house, will accompany the launch, followed by the regular release of in-house and acquired content. Lepricon will also offer opportunities for staking and liquidity mining to those that hold L3P.

Lepricon recently released its white paper, available at lepricon.io. Lepricon expects to announce details of its first public sale before the end of February.

About Lepricon

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed prediction games platform that allows stakers, developers, and gamers to enjoy the benefits of DeFi in a gamified way, backed by a vibrant community in which all participants receive rewards for positive contributions and interactions.

Lepricon is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) — an organization represented by rules enshrined in computer code; transparent and controlled by the network participants and not by a central authority.

For further information, please visit https://www.lepricon.io.

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Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.