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Poolz and Lepricon — the Final Sale

Poolz has now released its whitelist for the public sale of Lepricon, which will take place at 3 pm UTC on Wednesday, 17th March.

To apply for the lottery draw, you will need to visit this link and have the following information ready:

  • Your email address
  • Your Telegram handle
  • Your Twitter profile URL
  • A link to your quoted retweet of our announcement on Twitter

Poolz Tiers

We outline below a quick summary of the tier requirements to participate in our token sale on Poolz, but we also highly recommend that you read their original post that goes into more detail.

First, you will need to stake the required amount of Poolz tokens for seven days. If you don’t get an allocation, then you will obtain APY instead so that you do not come out empty-handed, which we think is very thoughtful of them!

The tiers (from lowest to highest) are as follows:


  • Stake 250 POOLZ
  • Get one lottery ticket


  • Stake 500 POOLZ
  • Get two lottery tickets


  • Stake 1250 POOLZ
  • Get three lottery tickets


  • Stake 2500 POOLZ
  • Get four lottery tickets


  • Stake 5000 POOLZ
  • Get four lottery tickets
  • Get one guaranteed allocation

Blue Diamond

  • Stake 10,000 POOLZ
  • Get four lottery tickets
  • Get two guaranteed allocations

If you want to participate — act now!

About Lepricon

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed prediction games platform that allows stakers, developers, and gamers to enjoy the benefits of DeFi in a gamified way, backed by a vibrant community in which all participants receive rewards for positive contributions and interactions.

Lepricon is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) — an organization represented by rules enshrined in computer code; transparent and controlled by the network participants and not by a central authority.

For further information, please visit https://www.lepricon.io.

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Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.