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The Idiots Guide to Acquiring L3P

March 17th, 2021, is St. Patrick’s Day. It is also Lepricon Day! That’s when we will be conducting our Token Generation Event on Uniswap. Before that happens, there will be three public sales, one on MANTRA DAO’s ZENDIT platform, one on Duck DAO’s DuckSTARTER platform, and one on Poolz. We want our community to be a part of this day, so here is everything you need to know to be ready.

First, let’s deal with the three public sales.

Note — some of the times stated have changed from previous announcements. The times given in this article are final at the time of publishing,


Date and time: March 15, 2021, at noon UTC.

MANTRA DAO’s ZENDIT Launchpad favors those invested in their native currency, OM, but it is possible right now to acquire several of their tiers. We will explain how.

First, let’s deal with the participation tiers. We list them with the maximum possible allocation of L3P shown in brackets. There are five, and they are, from highest to lowest:

Tier 1 EVEREST (US$1,400)

If you have 50,000 OM or more and supply it to their ZENTEREST lending platform, you qualify for this tier.

Tier 2 ACONCAGUA (US$1,120)

If you have at least 40,000 OM and stake it in their staking platform, you qualify for this tier.

Tier 3 DENALI (US$840)

Simply hold 30,000 or more OM in your wallet, and you can qualify for this tier.

The remaining tiers are for those holding two specific NFTs. If you don’t already have them, then this is not the route in for you, but to be complete, here they are:


For those who hold the 100M OM Staked commemorative NFT issued when MANTRA DAO passed the milestone of having 100M OM staked on its platform.

Tier 5 ELBRUS (US$280)

For those holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet.

If you do not hold OM now, your most realistic approach is to obtain OM and either hold it, stake it or supply it to get the top three tiers. As long as you meet these conditions when the snapshot is taken after the application deadline, you will meet the requirements.

What is on offer at MANTRA DAO

Total raise: US$140,000

Tokens: 4,444,444.44

Price $0.0315

Vesting: Unlock on TGE

Half of the allocation will be swapped for USDT and half for OM. The USDT price is set at 0.0315. The OM price will be set ahead of the pool activation depending upon the prevailing exchange rate.

How to Whitelist

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate amount of OM.
  2. Join our telegram community.
  3. Follow Lepricon and MANTRA DAO on Twitter.
  4. Like this tweet and then quote retweet it. In the quote retweet, you must:
  5. Tag two friends
  6. Use the hashtags $OM and $L3P
  7. When you have done all of that, fill in this entry form. We suggest you fill it in very carefully and don’t make any spelling mistakes when writing in your social media handles.


Forms must be filled in and submitted before 4AM UTC on March 14th.

Check the MANTRA DAO TG Groups for the announcement when the winning wallet addresses have been published. You will be able to go to ZENDIT ahead of time to pre-approve the smart contract. When the pool opens, be very quick. Top — refresh the page about 10 seconds before the pool opens.


Date and time: March 17, 2021, at 2:00 pm UTC.

Duck DAO has a similarly themed participation tier set as MANTRA DAO, although here it is based on the number of DUCK tokens you possess. You will need to obtain the DUCK token and then lock it up for a short period.

The tiers are (from the highest to the lowest) based on the amount of Duck you have, with the maximum allocation in brackets:

Platinum — 20,000 DUCK ($600)

Gold — 10,000 DUCK ($400)

Silver — 5,000 DUCK ($300)

Bronze — 2,000 DUCK ($200)

Duck DAO has published a straightforward guide on how to obtain these tiers, which you can read here.

What is on offer at Duck DAO

Total raise: US$150,000

Tokens: 4,285,715

Price $0.035

Vesting: Unlock on TGE

How to Whitelist

  1. Make sure you have DUCK, and you have looked it up before applying.
  2. Tweet about Lepricon and include the hashtags $L3P and $DUCK. Tag @dao_duck, @lepriconio and two friends.
  3. Floor Lepricon and Duck DAO on Twitter.
  4. Join these three Telegram groups:
  5. Lepricon
  6. Lepricon News Channel
  7. DLP Duck Dap Telegram Group
  8. Complete DuckSTARTER’s KYC process (look for the red button)
  9. Fill out the whitelist form very carefully!


Forms must be filled in and submitted before 2PM UTC on March 15th


Date and time: March 17, 2021, at 4:00 pm UTC.

Poolz is a little different. They are operating a 5 x IDO staking platform which you can read about here:

We outline below a summary of the tier requirements to participate in our token sale on Poolz, but we also highly recommend that you read their original post that goes into more detail.

First, you will need to stake the required amount of Poolz tokens for seven days. If you don’t get an allocation, you will then obtain APY instead so you do not come out empty-handed, which we think is very thoughtful of them!

The tiers (from lowest to highest) are as follows:


  • Stake 250 POOLZ
  • Get one lottery ticket


  • Stake 500 POOLZ
  • Get two lottery tickets


  • Stake 1250 POOLZ
  • Get three lottery tickets


  • Stake 2500 POOLZ
  • Get four lottery tickets


  • Stake 5000 POOLZ
  • Get four lottery tickets
  • Get one guaranteed allocation

Blue Diamond

  • Stake 10,000 POOLZ
  • Get four lottery tickets
  • Get two guaranteed allocations

What is on offer at Poolz

Total raise: US$100,000

Tokens: 2,857,142

Price $0.035

Vesting: Unlock on TGE

You will need to have ETH in your wallet ready to swap.

How to Whitelist

To apply for the lottery draw, you will need to visit this link and have the following information ready:

  • Your email address
  • Your Telegram handle
  • Your Twitter profile URL
  • A link to your quoted retweet of our announcement on Twitter

And Finally, Uniswap

Lepricon is a gaming company with big plans for the long term. We have locked our tokens up for two years because we believe in what we are doing. So, don’t be afraid to start building your bag with Uniswap. All you need is a wallet such as Metamask and any Uniswap listed tokens.

Lepricon will go live as $L3P on Wednesday 17th March at 6PM UTC. Mark the date!

Remember — Everything costs gas. Always have ETH in your wallet!

Please keep up to date with all the relevant Telegram Channels for the latest information. Things can change. Don’t be caught out.



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