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The story behind KQJ and the situation with the game (and Lepricon) today

KQJ to debut in Rio Wallet in early June

A Bit of Background

The Birth of Lepricon

A portion of the Figma design page for the Lepricon Wallet

The State of Play Today with KQJ

Parallel Paths

  • The launch of Leprichain, our gas-less Ethereum-compatible side chain that opens up a wealth of opportunities to connect L3P with existing web 3 websites.
  • Development of games designed for the mobile app stores which will tie in less directly with prediction games — the first example is Get the Cats which we released information on in a video on Friday. These games give us a new revenue opportunity and revenue can be used for buy-backs.
  • A whole host of lotto-based games that will run using Web 3 connect, and in the hands of a game designer right now and for which we will release development screens in the next week or so.
  • FansPredict, in co-development with BePro and built on the Chainlink Oracle.

About Lepricon



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Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.