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Update on Lepricon NFTs

All the NFTs from the NFT auction site have been delivered. They have also been registered on Opensea as well.

The contract for our NFTs, called L3P-NFT, is at this address:


Here are some things you can do to double-check you have the right NFT in your wallet:

  1. Check your wallet via Etherscan to see the transaction.
  2. Add the above contract address as a custom token in wallets such as MetaMask. It will add an asset called L3P-NFT.
  3. Go to Opensea and connect with your wallet. You will then be able to see NFT assets associated with your wallet, including ours.

When can you start using your NFT?

Our NFTs are designed to be staked alongside L3P on our native staking platform due to launch later in April this year. We will provide further announcements in the coming weeks.

What about the ones that are not sold?

We held back four of the six legendary NFTs. Lepricon will put two of those up for auction on OpenSea. The final two are for future release.

The remaining Lucky Lepricats and our common Lepricat NFTs will be included as prizes in the forthcoming Lepricon Lucky Dip.

And Finally, what about the Pot O’ Gold?

We will be conducting a random draw for the Pot O’ Gold from the 90 addresses that competed for NFTs and will announce the results shortly. The draw will be on-chain, thus verifiable.



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Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.