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Please welcome Murmur, working agreements as dynamic as your business

Meet Murmur, the latest addition to Lerer Hippeau’s portfolio.

HQ: Denver

Founder: Aaron Dignan

The problem: As small teams grow (and big ones work to break bad habits), they soon realize they need to formalize and write down best practices around communication, workflow, and so much more. Teams of all sizes are leaning on cloud-based collaboration tools more heavily than ever with the shift to remote work. While many solutions exist to help facilitate the actual work, such as design or development, companies have not had a tool to support how those teams work together at a higher level.

Murmur’s solution: Murmur is a new collaborative platform where teams create, test, scale, and share working agreements, such as policies, processes, strategies, roles, and more. With Murmur, team members can draft and propose an agreement, take feedback from their colleagues, refine the document before finalizing it, and return to it later to make future adjustments. Teams can also refer to best practices and processes from other major companies as a starting point.

Origin story: Aaron has been working in and around transformation, future of work, and building successful business processes for over a decade. Through The Ready, his future of work consultancy, he helped businesses develop healthy work processes and practices. With Murmur, he’s now offering businesses his deep functional expertise through scalable tech solutions. Today Murmur announces $1.8 million in new funding.

Why we’re betting on it: Once teams have more than ten people, they need to think more carefully about how they operate and codify processes, otherwise they can become a pain point for the business. With Murmur, teams can now leverage crowdsourced and curated best practices and processes, while ensuring those processes are flexible and relevant with integrations, feedback loops, and more. We believe Aaron can solve this problem with Murmur, and ensure those processes are as dynamic as the companies themselves.

Our take: Tools that seamlessly facilitate and improve collaboration for remote teams have never been more critical. Our previous investments in team collaboration within the future of work, including Air, Parsec, Clubhouse, WorkJam and Code Climate, all provide platforms and systems to support different types of work for creative teams, developers, and others. By bringing order and clarity to how remote teams agree to operate, we’re confident that Murmur can effectively provide a new level of organization for every team and every business.

Further reading: “Murmur, still in private beta, wants to help startups make private work agreements public” via TechCrunch.

Learn about careers at Murmur.

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