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Please welcome Peel, a marketing & business analytics platform designed to support e-commerce teams

Meet Peel, the latest addition to Lerer Hippeau’s portfolio.

HQ: New York

Co-founders: Nicolas Grasset, Yasmin Nozari, Phillipe Casorla Sagot

The problem: Over the past two years, e-commerce has exploded. Businesses are positioned to glean more information about their online customers than ever before, but marketing teams are largely pulling purchase data and insights manually — or worse, they don’t have access to these figures at all. The challenges around data access are magnified as brands expand across sales channels, with more varied go-to-market strategies, and with more limited data due to changing privacy policies. Due to these factors and others, brands are making business decisions in increasingly competitive and complicated environments, without holistic or accessible data.

Peel’s solution: Peel’s sophisticated and versatile platform automates marketing and business analytics reporting with dynamic, personalized, cohort-level insights and trends. E-commerce stores on Shopify can onboard to Peel’s platform in minutes and instantly review 100+ metrics about their businesses to make more informed decisions without needing any technical skill. Peel provides a holistic look at the data from day one, giving leaders, marketers, and product teams immediate insight into what’s driving their business.

Origin story: Peel was co-founded by Nicolas, Yasmin, and Phillipe, a technical team who previously worked together at MakeSpace. We have known Nicolas, the CEO of Peel, for a few years and have followed the team’s progress since they raised their pre-seed round. Impressed by their thoughtful approach to engineering and product, when it came time for them to raise their seed, we were excited by the opportunity to partner with their team and support them for this next stage of growth.

Why we’re betting on it: Across enterprise software, we’re seeing users demand tools that are powerful, personalized, yet easy to use. And within our portfolio of direct-to-consumer brands especially, we have seen the need for better, more actionable and more accessible business insights and data. The Peel platform delivers on the requirements of business leaders and marketers today. And, as the war on talent intensifies, it’s becoming more costly and difficult to hire data engineers. Peel enables non-technical employees to access and manipulate data in powerful ways. With a powerful, dynamic, flexible platform on the backend, Peel enables seamless cohort-level insights across channels with ease and flexibility in the user interface.

Our take: As e-commerce — and supporting platforms like Shopify — continue to grow, we believe there is ample opportunity in investing in both brands and the supporting technology that enables them. Our existing portfolio and experience makes us uniquely positioned to identify and support those enterprise businesses selling into high-growth online brands. Brands with better data will have an edge in this increasingly competitive and dynamic online marketplace, and Peel Insights gives its users the tools they need to come out ahead.

Further reading:After a disappointing trip to Silicon Valley, Peel’s founders raised millions from New York investors like Lerer Hippeau and Eniac Ventures. Here’s how they did it.” via Insider

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