Who’s LER and why the new look?


LER is a custom sewing company located in Lima, Peru running since 1989. Titled after it’s founder Lucy E Romero. During this time Peru was struggling against terrorism. Starting and running a business was not ideal for a new parent getting ready to deliver 2 more kids.

Although Lucy is more than capable of handling all the responsibilities of her business, she anticipated that her life was about to drastically take a turn. The business now was getting busy, needing more time, and physical strength. 1998, she’d stop working on LER and move to the states with her 3 children.

We want LER to continue her motto of surpassing customers expectation by superior assistance, transparency, and hard work. Lucy’s story is a great example of what all business owners can go through. Accepting Challenges, surpassing odds, and to strive no matter how tough it becomes.

Before, it was just L.E.R.W.S. With a logo that was too dull to remember. With now closing award-nominated designs, our past look was just not expressing that. We concluded it was time to go back, see who we really are, and what our valued clients wants’ us to become. So, we’d now be LER with a much simpler design and contrast design. It’s the look we’ve wanted for a long time.

While now established and growing. We want to set most of our focus on the customer’s satisfaction and experience with us.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Email info@lerws.com with the subject line “Dear LER,”. Thanks.