Black Lives Matters Will Result in More Dead Police Officers

Our police officers are scared to death (with good reason) to become the next target of the Black Live Matter movement — the result is they’re slower to draw their weapons in life threatening situations making them much more vulnerable targets. Officers involved in the shooting of African-American suspects can kiss their careers, their savings, and their safety goodbye into today’s environment.

Take for example this video that released by the Chicago police showing an African-American suspect attacking a group of police officers. None of them drew their weapons — instead they attempted to ‘taze’ the suspect over and over without effect — so they were forced to attempt to physically control him and as a result one female officer suffered serious injuries — watch as her head bounces off the concrete — watch how it takes several officers to get him to let go of her hair — she is still in the hospital more than a week after the attack. The reality is that she should have drawn her weapon and if the suspect attempted to attack her she should have shot him. She told authorities she feared community retaliation and decided not to follow department policy by pulling her service weapon.

More than a million police officers in the United States are on the street each day — around forty of them are involved in life-or-death situations each year that in the past resulted in the death of an unarmed African-American man. Basically every week we see video depicting these incidents and every time the Black Lives Matter movement (funded largely by George Soros) sends protestors and community organizers in to coordinate protests against the police — regardless of whether or not the shooting was justified. The involved officers must hire their own lawyers — an expensive proposition. They also must go into hiding as their homes are often targeted by the protestors. When everything has died down — assuming they are exonerated — their lives are turned upside down and their careers in law enforcement are usually over. They’ve got to start over.

If police officers decide not to follow their training and their department’s policies on the use of deadly force I fear more of them are going to be killed. Today police officers are 18 times more likely to be killed by an African-American man than from all other races combined — they are being targeted and now we’re watching as they are laying down their weapons despite the target on their back.