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Chris Wallace Will be Fair and Balanced

Roger Ailes is no longer involved with Fox News and he is not advising Chris Wallace. Furthermore, Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat and he has been for more than twenty years. The Washington Post (who has endorsed Hillary Clinton) praised Chris Wallace debate moderation of the Republican Primary in a story titled, How Fox News’s Chris Wallace set a ‘bear trap’ for Donald Trump.

Chris Wallace has won three emmy awards for his work and has worked for NBC and The Boston Globe (both very left leaning). Chris Wallace is a good guy — I don’t agree with his politics, but I’m certain he’ll attempt to be a fair moderator in the debate. Of course the rest of the media is NOT attempting to be fair or balanced — they’re in the bag for Hillary Clinton.

This week we’ve learned that the New York Times gives Hillary Clinton veto power over her quotes despite the fact that the practice violates their own rules. Donald Trump received no such treatment. John Harwood, CNBC Chief DC correspondent, was caught praising giving advice to the campaign and outright admitting he wants Hillary Clinton to win. In other emails we learn that CNN secretly supplied debate questions to Clinton’s campaign staff — no such help was offered to Trump. Univision head Haim Saban was caught giving advice to Hillary regarding her upcoming performance on his network. Marjorie Pritchard from the Boston Globe coordinate coverage with the campaign to maximize the benefit to Hillary Clinton. MSNBC producer Sheara Braun was shown to be regularly in contact with the campaign providing material support to Hillary’s campaign. CNN reporter Dan Merica evidently has huge crush on Hillary Clinton that they both joke about. Other “friendly” reporters included Hunter Walker from Business Insider and Maggie Haberman from the New York Times. The campaign regularly hosts off-the-record cocktail parties for these “friendly” reporters — alcohol fueled events attended by 37 journalists and 14 media outlets.

At the end of the day the emails leaked by Wikileaks show a clear pattern of media support for the Clinton campaign, but beyond the quote approvals, advanced receipt of debate questions, and generally positive coverage there is outright strategic support of Hillary Clinton. Take for example the most recent plot by NBC to undermine Trump’s campaign.

NBC executives learned of the Billy Bush/Trump video tape during the Summer Olympics and decided to delay its release until closer to the election. The decision to delay release of the tape was made at the highest levels of the news organization primarily because NBC executives were worried that Julian Assange’s “October Surprise” could devastate Hillary Clinton’s campaign. NBC had prepared a “sanitized” version of the tape that hid Billy Bush’s involvement — specifically his goading Trump to hug his co-host — and the release was to coincide with the release of the Wikileaks on Friday two days before the second debate.

Top NBC executives decided to delay the release of the tape due to the impending hurricane — a hurricane that was predicted to devastate the eastern seaboard of the United States. The polls were showing Trump and Clinton to be neck and neck and the big concern in the NBC newsroom was that if the tape was not released before the debate ALL of the attention would be focused on the leaked emails — risking giving Trump a lead in the polls. Someone in the newsroom decided that the tape had to be aired and aired quickly (the Wikileaks emails had just hit the wires ten minutes earlier). They sent the full tape (not the edited tape) to the Washington Post and it was published shortly after in full.

NBC had no intention of disciplining Billy Bush primarily because was the one who alerted them to the recording. But when the unedited tape hit the air NBC decided they had to fire him. They knew about his behavior and comments in July and only after someone in their newsroom forced their hand did they make the decision that Bill Bush had to go. NBC is not a news organization — they’re a corrupt propaganda organization. We’re worried about the Russians influencing our elections — we’ve got proof that NBC IS influencing our elections.