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Clinton-splaining the email scandal away…

This weekend we heard Democrats explain that the FBI hadn’t even read the 650,000 emails found on the sexual predator’s laptop. We heard the head of Hillary’s campaign explain that Hillary hadn’t asked Huma what emails were on her husband’s laptop. We heard pundits argue that none of the emails were even from or to Hillary Clinton. We heard the vice president suggest that Comey had violated the Hatch Act by interfering with the election. Finally, we heard the Democratic Senate Leader suggest that the FBI was hiding their investigation into Donald Trump’s ties with Russia.

First, how could the FBI have known there were emails on Carlos Danger’s laptop without having actually read them? The reality is that special agents from the FBI who were investigating claims that the former Democratic Congressmen from New York sent pornographic images and messages to a child when they found the emails in question. Upon review they notified the director and based on their testimony he reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton and obtained a search warrant from the court. The FBI had seen the emails — and you can bet they are pouring over all 650,000 as I write this missive.

Second, how could Democrats argue this weekend that a) the emails were simply duplicates of emails previously reviewed and b) none of the emails were to or from Hillary Clinton — while claiming that the FBI hadn’t even read the emails. On one of the Sunday political shows I actually heard all three assertions from the same panel — all three of those claims are mutually exclusive. The reality is that there are 650,000 emails — at least the ones that the special agents saw gave rise to their sworn testimony that convinced a federal judge to issue a search warrant so that the FBI could review them in context to the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Third, the darling of the Democratic Party — James Comey — is now colluding with Donald Trump to win the presidency? Really? James Comey was part of the Clinton Global Initiative — his company donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. He was appointed by Barack Obama to run the FBI. His brother’s company does the taxes for the Clinton Foundation. He even appointed the husband of a Democratic candidate who received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Clinton’s fundraiser to lead the email investigation in the first place. Republicans were livid with Comey for making the recommendation he made this summer — we’re not really that happy with the letter he sent to Congress on Friday — basically an asscovering exercise to run out the clock for Hillary Clinton.

At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton will win the election and she’ll have executive immunity — game over. Congress can’t even impeach her for acts that took place BEFORE she was sworn in — so she’s never going to be brought to justice. It is time to move on.