Democrats Support Russian Political Interference When it Helps Their Political Objectives — Complain When it Hurts…

The irony about Russian interference in the election is that Trump has never been in a position to either promote or discourage the practice. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been aware that Russia has been funding anti-U.S. groups fighting against Republican initiatives and yet she did NOTHING to stop the interference.

In a secret 2014 speech, Hillary Clinton admitted that Russian oligarchs were buying media and setting up phony environmental groups to oppose the XL Pipeline and fracking in the United States. EU officials have warned us about the practice for years as well as our own EPA — but the administration turned a blind eye because the Russian efforts to reduce the U.S. production of oil and gas aligned with their own agenda.

The Democrats have opened the door for Russia and they’re coming in. It is a little late to complain when you’re on the receiving end of their attacks. At least the Russians are only revealing the truth — exposing the Democrats own behavior — the Republicans have been fighting a foreign power for years without any help from our government.