I’m Not Voting For Shitty White People
Marcus K. Dowling

Don’t Fool Yourself, You ARE a Slave

More than 37 million African-Americans are enslaved by the Democratic Party not for their labor, but for their votes.

In the 1960’s the Democrats disbanded the KKK and took a new tact to bring the African-American community to heel — the Great Society and the War on Poverty. LBJ famously said his programs would create a cycle of dependency that would have “niggers” voting for the Democrats for 200 years.

Then in the 1970’s the Democrats began locating federally funded abortion clinics in predominantly black areas and as a result African-American women abort their babies at a rate 5 times as high as all other women combined — 1,876 African-American babies are terminated on a daily basis — 15.5 million since 1973.

Generations of African-Americans are missing from our communities and the ones who are left have been the recipients of more than $22 trillion dollars in welfare programs — removing the traditional need for two parent households. Because of these programs, most African-American women (72%) choose to have their children out of wedlock — making them a permanent dependent class — slaves who provide their masters one thing and one thing only — their votes.

By the 1990’s the Democrats were under pressure to reduce the violence caused by the breakdown of the African-American family and community. The Democrats and their military arm (the KKK) lynched more than 5000 African-Americans between 1882 to 1968 — by the 90’s African-Americans were killing each other instead. Every two years African-Americans kill more African-Americans than were lynched over 90 years. Instead of focusing on the root causes of the destruction of the African-American community, Hillary and Bill Clinton embarked on a program of mass incarceration to stop the violence. As a result one out of three African-American men will serve time in prison — seriously — fully a third of African-American men will go to prison. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have apologized for mass incarceration, but during her 9-year career in the Senate Hillary did NOTHING to stop the nightmare she and her husband visited upon the African-American community.

At the end of the day African-Americans MUST continue to vote for Democrats — they don’t have an option. The Republicans would attempt to break the cycle of dependency and that would be painful — very painful. African-Americans will simply have to get used to being slaves. Not even Abraham Lincoln would be able to emancipate the African-American community from this mess. There is no answer and I get the point of your post and your frustration.