Is the Democratic claim that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman living on the earth true?

Before we even attempt to answer the question I think it is important to mention that the entire idea is terribly condescending to women in general. Is it somehow necessary that a woman running for the presidency be the smartest woman in the world? What if she’s just a highly qualified candidate for the office — suggesting that she’s the “smartest woman in the world” implies that we need a justification to elect a woman as president.

So what does it mean to be smart? If you equate being smart with intelligence or IQ Hillary would fall quite short of the “smartest” title as she failed the Washington DC bar exam — hundreds of women pass this test each year. If you equate being smart with empathy or sympathy, once again, Hillary would fall short of the “smartest” title as time and time again she failed to empathize with the woman who her husband abused and harassed. If you equate being smart with honesty, again, Hillary falls short. Even when telling the truth would be easier than telling a lie — Hillary defaults to deception time and time again. When asked the simplest question about her health she denied having a straightforward case of pneumonia — resulting in speculation that she might have been poisoned by Trump & Putin.