Just how many emails related to yoga routines did Hillary Clinton delete?

Last night the FBI released more emails they were able to recover from Hillary Clinton’s personal email servers. Clinton attempted to have the emails destroyed because she believed the government had no right to read them. She explained, under oath, to Congress that,

“At the end, I chose not to keep my private personal emails, emails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes.”

Hillary could have turned over ALL of her emails to the government and they would have been kept confidential — but instead she decided to destroy some of them and as a result they are available for all Americans to read. So if you’re like me you want to know what sort of yoga routines did Hillary discuss in her emails. Right?

You might be surprised that Hillary Clinton never once discussed yoga in her emails. Seriously, not a single yoga conversation. Instead the emails released by the FBI contain “sensitive information about conversations with UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed.” The reality is that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people — she lied under oath to Congress — these emails are not the sort of, “things you typically find in inboxes.” Sadly, if Donald Trump doesn’t win on November 3rd Hillary Clinton will never be brought to justice — her DoJ will protect her just as Obama’s DoJ protects her today.

No yoga emails… not one… :(