Just in Time Journalism

How the Washington Post coordinated their release of the Trump video with the Wikileaks email dump.

On Friday afternoon while most Americans were starting their weekend the FBI released another 350 emails that Hillary Clinton had deleted from her personal server — emails that prove she lied to the American people, Congress, and the FBI about their contents. Around the same time Julian Assange from Wikileaks released more than 2,000 emails from Hillary’s campaign chair that reveal her true intentions for America — in private speeches to Goldman Sachs she explains how she has to lie to the American people to advance Wall Street’s interest. Then at 3PM David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post published the video depicting Donald Trump saying lewd and gross things about women. The timing wasn’t accidental — Fahrenthold was waiting for the Wikileaks dump to drop his bombshell on the Trump campaign. Effectively distracting America from the revelations about Hillary and torpedoing Trump at the same time. I call it “just in time journalism” and it is a new tactic and should be chilling to the American people.

David Fahrenthold isn’t pulling punches in this election. He’s decided to throw out normal journalism out the window and has targeted Trump in article after article. He supports Hillary Clinton and is actively coordinating with the campaign. Just take a look at his most recent stories: