My pledge to Democrats — We will overthrow Donald Trump if he attempts to turn America into a fascist state.

On my honor I swear to defend our republic, to preserve democracy for my children and their children.

So many posts suggest that we’ve got to oppose Trump because he will attempt to turn our country into a fascist dictatorship. Those of us who support Trump are doing so because we can’t tolerate the prospect of electing a crony capitalist like Hillary Clinton serve as our president. Clinton serves the interest of herself and those of her supporters — Wall Street, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and George Soros. Instead we’re willing to support candidacy of a deeply flawed leader like Donald Trump. But rest assured — we will never allow him to turn our republic into a fascist dictatorship.

My friends on the left — peace-loving — are so scared of that prospect they’re willing to elect a leader who they know is horribly corrupt instead. I get it. If you put 100% of your faith in government you can’t take a risk. Hillary Clinton isn’t going to change our system — she’s going to exploit it and we’re all used to that. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty. Those of us on the right — freedom-loving — are equally scared that our republic will crumble if we continue to head down this road. We are willing to take a risk with Trump for one simple reason — we’re ready, willing, and able to take our country back if something horribly wrong happens.

If Trump attempted to suspend the Constitution and turn our great republic into a fascist dictatorship there are millions of us — trained, armed, and ready to preserve our democracy for our children. More than 20 million of us have served in the armed forces. We own more than 350 million firearms. We are highly trained and ready to ensure that America remains the home of the free — our bravery will ensure that.

Donald Trump is a hot mess. Seriously, the guy is a total mess. He is the worst possible choice — except for all the rest — including Hillary Clinton . We need someone who is beholden to no one else. This man could never bow down to anyone — that is what we need. Someone who loves America — and is willing to fight for the American people. If he is a liar — and doesn’t — I give you my word we’ll preserve the democracy.