Trump’s a chump when it comes to Russia. Putin has paid Hillary Clinton and John Podesta Millions for their cooperation. Trump hasn’t received a dime — just a few lousy emails.

Correction: Putin paid John Podesta’s daughter (Podesta transferred his shares in the Russian company to his daughter before joining the White House in 2014).

Hillary Clinton makes a big deal of Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia and Putin in particular. At the end of the day Trump doesn’t know Putin — but Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff certain do.

The first big dump of emails from John Podesta’s personal account showed he was on the board of a Russian company that was funded by Putin — a position he failed to disclose in his federal financial disclosures before he went to work for Obama as a senior advisor in 2014. The most recent email dump show that Podesta transferred his shares in the Russian company to his daughter before he joined the White House.

So we’ve got the Russian President — Vladimir Putin — making a direct investment in a company controlled by a senior advisor to the President of the United States. That advisor doesn’t disclose the conflict to the government and attempts to hide the conflict by transferring his shares in the company to his daughter. John Podesta is the most senior person in Hillary Clinton’s campaign serving as her campaign chair.

Donald Trump’s failure to receive any sort of payment from Vladimir Putin is proof he’s not qualified to be president — we want our leaders to be competent enough to demand direct payments for their graft.