Donald Trump and the Central Park Five
Matt Haughey

What the media forgets about the Central Park Five.

They attacked at least six people that fateful night in the park and participate in the near murder and violent rape of a female jogger named Trisha Meili.

The Central Park Five celebrating their new film and $40M payment from NYC

The reality is that if you participate in a criminal activity — in this case running down a female jogger, forcing her on the ground, ripping her clothes off, fondling her breasts, bashing her head in, and violently raping her — you’re just as guilty as any single participant. Just because you didn’t insert your penis inside of the victim doesn’t mean you’re innocent.

For those of you who weren’t living in New York City in 1989 you might not remember the “Central Park Five”. In mid-April between 9 and 10 pm thirty teenagers committed several attacks, assaults, and robberies in Central Park. Initially they robbed a 52-year-old man, next they threw rocks at a taxi, then they chased a couple riding a tandem bike, then they attacked at 40-year-old jogger — hitting on the head with a lead pipe. The jogger was attacked because he came upon the group of teenagers (numbering over 20) at least twelve of whom were assaulting a woman laying on the ground. Shortly afterward the police arrested five of the teenagers as they fled the scene — the majority of the suspects, including Matias Reyes, were able to escape and avoid arrest.

During interrogations with their parents present two of the teenagers told police that their friend Antron McCray smashed the woman’s head “killing her” (when police found her body her head was smashed in and her body temp was falling fast — 80 degrees — she ultimately survived). One of the teenagers, Raymond Santana, insisted he never had intercourse with the jogger, claiming, “I had nothing to do with the rape. All I did was feel her tits.” Korey Wise in a recorded call with a visitor claimed he only held the woman down — he didn’t have intercourse with her either. Thirteen years later Matias Reyes, serving a life sentence for other crimes, admitted to the rape and after testing police were able to match his DNA to the semen found inside of the victim.

The DNA didn’t disprove the fact that Antron smashed Trisha’s head in. The DNA didn’t disprove the fact that Raymond groped Trisha’s breasts as Matias raped her. The DNA didn’t disprove that Korey held Trisha down as Antron smashed in her head, Raymond groped her, and Matias raped her. Remember, these teenager admitted to their crimes — over and over again. The fact that only one of them was able to ejaculate inside of Trisha before being discovered by the male jogger shouldn’t exonerate their participation in the crime.