Why did the Secret Service allow a known felon to visit the White House every week for eight years — 45 of those visits one-on-one with President Obama?

White House records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that a convicted felon was granted access to the White House 340 times — once a week throughout Obama’s term in office. Even more troublesome is the fact that he met one-on-one with president Obama at least 45 times. Strangely, even after commuting the sentences of 348 felons he still hasn’t commuted the sentence of this individual. What sort of skills would a felon possess that the White House and the president needed on a weekly basis for eight years?

The felon in question is a well known Democratic Party operative named Robert Creamer. Creamer served his time at Terre Haute federal prison, while his wife represented Illinois’s 9th district in Congress. His crimes were relatively innocuous — bank fraud and tax evasion — he served his time and he’s ready to work — this time for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. So what do you hire a felon to do — more felonies?

Robert Creamer was caught on a hidden camera explaining that the purpose of his organization was two fold — first to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies by inciting violence and second to engage in voter fraud in areas where the vote might be “close”. His involvement with the party was so important that he continued to have access to the president and the White House until his resignation earlier today — after the videos were released.

Democrats insist the system isn’t rigged, but they’ve engineered the “hatred and violence” they claimed Trump created. Furthermore, they’ve admitted to the sort of widespread voter fraud they have claimed is a fantasy of the right. The reality is that the highest Democratic official in the land — Barack Obama met with the loweliest Democratic operative in the land on a weekly basis to ensure Democrats retained their control.