Why Trump’s Policy Proposals Don’t Matter

Day after day I see leftwing pundits and journalists spending thousands of hours attempting to prove why Donald Trump’s various proposals for education, immigration, taxation, and healthcare are bad for America. Often I wonder if anyone understands how our government actually works. The reality is that regardless of who wins the presidency they’re going to have to work with Congress to pass their proposals. We did have a king named George a while back, but we decided to get rid of him in favor a constitutional federal republic.

Hilariously the various pundits indicting Trump’s proposals will go into the most minute detail of the tax code to explain how single mothers who make $22,000 per year will actually pay more taxes under Trump’s plan. The reality is that these sort of unintended consequences are always resolved in the drafting of the legislation in the Congress. But the real issue is that the candidates proposals are NEVER what gets written into law — the law reflects the desires/demands of hundreds of politicians.

If Hillary gets elected she’ll have to deal with the same Congress and none of her proposals will pass as intended. So getting into the minute details is an absolute waste of time and at the end of the day it is intellectually dishonest.