Kantox and Lescovex Digital Assets sign a collaboration agreement

Kantox and Lescovex Commodities Exchange

The digital investment platform Lescovex has signed a collaboration agreement with Kantox, the Fintech leader in the automation of the risk management of currency for companies.

With this agreement, Kantox will move on to manage the currency exchanges of this innovative Swiss Exchange, based on the disruptive Blockchain technology and the smart contracts established through Ethereum. This alliance will boost the internationalization of Lescovex, since it will facilitate investments at a global and multi-currency level.

Quim Franquesa, COO of Lescovex, affirms that this collaboration is a great step forward: “The integration of Kantox into our system will boost the internationalization of Lescovex, providing value and investment facilities from any part of the world and with any currency”

“The commitment to innovation and technology is part of the DNA of Kantox and in that sense we are very happy to be part of the internationalization of Lescovex” says Philippe Gelis, CEO and Cofounder of Kantox

This agreement is about the fiat currency management of the platform but not cryptocurrencies, since these are not part of the Kantox activity.

About Lescovex Commodities Exchange

Lescovex is a new Exchange, the first in the world to offer integral solutions in a single and complete platform for its clients:

Cryptocurrencies and currencies: Lescovex will allow you to invest in the whole new world of cryptocurrencies. Buy and sell and perform any type of operations.

Commodities and futures: All types of commodities and futures based on the raw materials. Connecting directly producers and consumers of the materials, avoiding all the control of intermediaries that do not offer any added value and make more expensive the final product.

Crypto investment funds: Conversion of any investment fund into crypto and derivatives.

Participation and Exchange of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering): Project financing is now stipulated in the launch of new cryptocurrencies supported and based on established business models.

All this Fintech platform based on transparent, auditable and secure Blockchain technology. And the new paradigm of reliability and trust offered by Ethereum’s smart contracts between the parties.

About Kantox

Kantox is a Fintech multinational company that offers solutions for currency management. We work hard every day to solve one of the biggest problems facing international companies: the management of foreign exchanges.

We believe that the financial industry, known for its opacity and lack of innovation, needs a radical change. We believe that it is time to redefine the industry, adopting more transparent, efficient and honest models. It is about providing value to our customers. Our expert knowledge, products and solutions allow our clients to manage their currency exposure, build hedging strategies, automate currency transactions and process international payments intelligently.

We generate significant savings, efficiency and productivity always from the maximum transparency. Our 2,000 clients have changed more than 5,000 million dollars in 20 countries.

Kantox is headquartered in London and is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (Nr. FRN 580343).

Barcelona, January 31 2018