There are a lot of reasons to get involved with the Alone But Together Bike Ride. We’re working to support cancer prevention education and advocacy to help save lives and focus on the 60% of cancers that are preventable. Need a reason to get involved? Well, we’ve got about 1.8 million of them.

That’s how many people are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. It costs those individuals and families a combined $96 billion per year. Beyond the staggering dollar amounts, the disease is a massive strain on the emotional well-being of the patient, their families and friends, and everyone who knows them.

Until there is a cure, our best way to fight these numbers is through prevention. By advocated for active lifestyles, healthy foods, a safe and clean environment, and legislation to improve access to care, we can take a bite out of cancer statistics before they take shape. The Less Cancer Bike has played a vital role in raising funds and awareness for this mission, and while this year’s event has a different format, it makes it even easier for everyone to get involved.

We’re making it more than worth your while to join the ride, wherever you are. Here in Traverse City, local coffeeshop Brew is offering $5 gift cards to everyone TC native who registers for the event. Every single rider across the country will get a coupon code from Linden and Two, a specialty coffee roaster offering 20% for Alone But Together participants.

Some of my favorite cycling memories have come on previous editions of this ride. In fact, one of my favorite moments on a bike was riding into my family’s hometown of Elsie, Michigan. A tiny farm town in the middle of the state, I never thought in a million years I would ever ride through the one-block main street and through the flashing yellow with over a dozen of my cycling pals. We had a rest stop right in a park that I had spent plenty a Saturday afternoon playing in while growing up. It was a really special moment for me and something I’ll never forget.

While we’ll all miss riding with our pals this year, I know that we’re still riding together for the same cause, even if the rides are solo. We’re not just doing our part to support Less Cancer this year. By doing the right thing and riding alone, we’re taking that same appreciation of prevention and applying it to a whole new issue, a pandemic that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Get involved. Sign up for the Alone But Together Bike Ride and ride one mile or one hundred on June 6–7.



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Cody Sovis

Low-level marketing guy with a cycling habit. Advocate for cancer prevention, active lifestyles, equality, and breakfast cookies.