Less Cancer


Please consider sharing this link below for our 5th Less Cancer 300 mile bike ride from Detroit to Traverse City, Michigan supporting the work of Less Cancer.

Each time someone shares the link it generates a donation.

Please share this link.

If you have already donated, we are grateful for your generosity, but please consider sharing the link.

As founders of National Cancer Prevention Day, The National Cancer Prevention Day Workshop, and initiators of the United States Congressional Cancer Prevention Caucus; we appreciate your help. Our grassroots donor base is what allows us to continue our broad and global reach in the work for cancer prevention including policy, education and accredited continuing education of nurses, physicians, and public health workers. Our work touches you, your family and community.

Our goal is to raise $75,000.00 every gift matters.

Many Thanks,


Bill Couzens Founder,

Next Generation Choices Foundation, 501c3 Public Charity (Less Cancer )

Mailing Address:

Next Generation Choices Foundation/ Less Cancer216 Lafayette Road, Suite 204

Rye, NH 03870


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Originally published at www.smore.com on June 20, 2017.

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