Less Cancer Meets Iceman

Fast start at the Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge for hundreds of mountain bike racers.

This year, Less Cancer will join us at the Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge to help spread the message of cancer prevention to 5,000 cyclists right here in Traverse City, Michigan.

Less Cancer has been a part of the broader cycling community for nearly a decade. The annual Less Cancer Bike Ride has raised tens of thousands of dollars to support cancer prevention programming around the country. To do so, it’s mobilized riders from nearly every state to pedal the path to prevention each June.

This November, however, Less Cancer is bringing its story and mission to the Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge. The race, now in its 31st year, is the largest point-to-point mountain bike race in North America, welcoming over 5,000 racers to make the pilgrimage from Kalkaska to Traverse City.

Less Cancer Meets Iceman

To kick off race weekend, Less Cancer will host a booth at the Ice Cycle Expo, held at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. The expo welcomes vendors and racers to learn more about the latest gear and tech, get ready for race day, and catch up with mountain biking pals from all over the US.

It’s more than a show for Less Cancer founder Bill Couzens, too. He’s racing the 8-mile Slush Cup, the beginner or warm-up race before riders eventually take on the 29-mile event. It has been an absolute thrill to hear Bill talk excitedly (and nervously!) about taking on the Slush Cup this year. I really think this is just the start of his mountain bike racing career.

A Common Cause in Giving Back

The Less Cancer mission is something that has really grown more and more important to me and my family. Its tireless work mirrors efforts by the many non-profit, charity, and volunteer organizations that make the Iceman Cometh Challenge possible. The race itself is now owned and operated by yet another non-profit, the Festival Foundation. These entities are behind so many good works and life-changing programs in our community and it is really a special opportunity to bring these groups together for Iceman.

If you’re planning on stopping by the Expo on Friday, November 5 from 11 am to 8 pm, make sure you take a lap of the conference room, check out the vendors, and make a special effort to find Bill at the Less Cancer table.




A collaborative cancer prevention platform reporting on lifestyle, health, education, policy and community based efforts in cancer prevention cancer. The Less Cancer Journal is brought to you by Next Generation Choices Foundation, 501c3 more widely known as "Less Cancer".

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Cody Sovis

Cody Sovis

Low-level marketing guy with a cycling habit. Advocate for cancer prevention, active lifestyles, equality, and breakfast cookies.

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