High Rates of PFAS in Clothing

D for Delinquent When It Comes to PFAS

  • Walmart
  • Wolverine (which owns Hush Puppies, Merrell, and Stride Rite)
  • Sketchers

Outdoor Brands Failing To Live Up To Their Reputation

  • The Northface
  • REI
  • Timberland
  • Jansport
  • L.L. Bean

What Comes Next for PFAS in the Apparel Industry

  • Ask manufacturers to make public, time-bound commitments to phasing out PFAS use in their products.
  • Legislators should close loopholes that might allow manufacturers to use PFAS that aren’t banned as substitutes.
  • Legislators should ban the use of all PFAS in consumer goods

PFAS In Clothing and the Cancer Link



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