All It Takes to Change the World Is an Insight — Part 1

All It Takes to Change the World Is an Insight — Part 1Everyone knows that smoking is not good for our health and that we should do some sort of exercise. And yet strangely knowing this piece of information does not necessarily stop us from smoking and it does not necessarily stop us from putting off our jogging to the next day. So, what can we do to change?

Let’s join Paul and Pablo as they explore what has the power to make us change and transform our lives.

It is Wednesday afternoon. Pablo has finished his research about the depth of seas and oceans. He now wants to go out to make a snowman in the garden. He is looking for his gloves and cannot find them anywhere.

- “Dad! Have you seen my gloves?”

- “Which ones, Pablo, the navy blue ones you got for Christmas?”, his dad asks.

Pablo looks at his father and widens his eyes as if a ghost had just appeared before him. He chuckles and says:

- “NAVY blue? Is it called like that because it’s the blue of the ocean where we NAVIGATE?”

- “Exactly!”, confirms Paul.

- “That is so weird!”, says Pablo. “I never thought of it that way until just now. I always thought it was just a word for dark blue.” Pablo suddenly sees his gloves on the table. He grabs them and looks at them carefully.

- “Now that I understand why it’s called NAVY blue, it’s as if my gloves …had more depth! They’re not just dark blue but blue like the bottom of the sea and that’s even more beautiful!“

- “Well!”, smiles Paul. “Why don’t you put them on and go and play outside for a while?“ Paul looks at his watch and realizes that he hasn’t done much as he sees the time passing by. Pablo goes outside and feels like lying down in the snow, as he would do on the sand at the beach. He looks at the sky dotted with small clouds and laughs once again.

-“sky blue!?!… it’s not just light blue but blue like the sky.” Pablo is realizing that colors are part of a whole: white resonates with snow, blue sometimes resonates with the depth of the sea, and sometimes with the sky. It’s a bit like the scrapbook he had at school when he was little. He had to connect the numbered dots in order, and a figure would appear: the drawing was the reward and the proof that he could count well. Now that he has connected the colors and their corresponding dots in nature, his garden looks more magical than ever. That’s his reward today. Indeed, the sky no longer appears to him as a blue background dotted with clouds but as a GIANT screen featuring moving snowflakes. His gloves are no longer the new pair he received on Christmas day but they are now a tool for exploring the world, deeper and deeper….

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Behind the scenes…

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Isabelle Caratti

Isabelle Caratti

I felt like an uprooted tree after a series of blows of fate. But do we need roots when we are made to soar? I turn prisoners of their lives into playful actors