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Words for a Chag Sameach and Happy Shavuot

Deborah Baron
May 14 · 6 min read

“The giving of Torah happened at one specific time, but the receiving of Torah happens all the time, in every generation.”— Isaac Meir Alter (1799–1866)

I was sitting at my desk one-day last summer, wondering how to send the message of Sydney Banks and the 3 Principles into the world with greater reach. I had been tagging my Medium articles with a 3 Principles hashtag and looking for a way to grow my impact. In that moment of wonder, inspiration showed up. Fully out of the blue and fully unexpected. What was my inspiration, my revelation? That I did not have to do this alone…

Without hesitation I posted an invitation on Facebook: “I would like to create a 3 Principles based publication on Medium. Anyone out there want to help me?” Within 24 hours I had over 20 volunteers and a strategy meeting set. Less than a year later we have 58 writers who have collectively published almost 300 amazing articles.




And that my friends, is how the world works. All day, every day. And through this process of creation, we see the possibilities of the future and we create the now.

Shavuot, Moses, and the Torah

In Judaism, we are taught that the teachings of the Torah, contain all of wisdom in its entirety.

And also, that G-d is in everything and that everything is G-d:

Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad

Photo by Sergio Rodriguez - Portugues del Olmo on Unsplash

The holiday of Shavuot commemorates the giving of the oral Torah and the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Jewish people.

How did Moses hear G-d’s wisdom? Was that ability to hear wisdom unique to one man? Judaism teaches us that, no, the ability to receive revelation is available to each of us and all of us in every minute of every day.

This is further emphasized in the story of Esther where G-d’s name is not mentioned once. Pointing to the everyday nature of revelation. That the ability to hear G-d’s wisdom is an everyday occurrence. No big deal. All the time.

But don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled into thinking it needs to be a big message as our lives are made up of moments.

Doing what you are inspired to do in the moment unfolds a life made up of moments of perfection without struggle. Call your mom, take a bath, and walk the dog. Then do your work and go to sleep. This is revelation at its finest and life at its finest and easiest.

In the space of a quiet mind

Have you ever noticed how the best ideas show up when you have the least on your mind?

One of my teachers tells a story of giving a lecture to a group of business professionals and pointing out the well-known adage that we get great ideas in the shower. One of the managers came up to him at the end of the lecture, pen, and paper in hand, to ask how often should his people shower and for how long?

We think he missed the point…

A quiet mind is about letting go. And you don’t need a new practice to let go.

When we are in the shower we tend to let go. Let go of the day, let go of the moment, let go of the stress and pressures we may have otherwise been putting on ourselves. When we are in the shower there is nothing to do but be and get clean. We are alone with our thoughts or in the space of no thought and not much else.

Experiencing Revelation/Wisdom/Insight

I have experienced revelation in two big ways recently and yet I also know that I experience revelation every time I am inclined to take a sip of water — through the wisdom of thirst or to lay down and sleep — through the wisdom of feeling tired.

My daughter is getting married at the end of the month. She is also graduating from medical school the week before (yes, I am blessed). We have been so wrapped up in the wedding that it had not occurred to us to celebrate her graduation. A close friend brought it to our attention. “Would you like us to bring over a cake she asked? I know you are caught up in the wedding, but the graduation is a big deal too. How about we celebrate”? — Revelation

Notice the spiritual nature of revelation. That it comes from an unknown place before thought, gets converted into a thought, and then enters our consciousness. And whether it is a life-changing idea or simply a day-changing idea it remains an inspiration from the energy of life. A revelation. The wisdom of G-d revealed.

Why would we wait for an earth-shattering revelation when the moment to moment are the ones that guide us? That in the listening we can find an ease of experience that allows us to let go of stress and ride the wave of life rather than living in the illusion that we are creating the wave.

The incredible power in finding the freedom to be yourself

Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot are linked as the three pilgrimage festivals when we are meant to travel to Jerusalem and, according to the Torah, offer sacrifice. These three holidays celebrate the three seasonal harvests. But there is a deeper, perhaps hidden message in the linking of these holidays that can inform our own sense of personal growth and contribution to the collective.

In order to receive revelation (Shavuot) we must first be free (Passover). In our daily lives, this means finding the freedom and ease to truly be ourselves. To let the busy thoughts that fill our minds with self-doubt and insecurity drift away leaving the space for revelation, or inspiration in the moment to show up. This inspiration in the space of freedom brings action, doing, creating, harvesting (Succot).

The inspiration might be as small and simple as weeding the garden or emptying the dishwasher and we can receive it fully as inspiration in the moment.

We do not need a tool or a methodology. Wisdom is inside of you at every minute. You can trust yourself. You really can, I promise. Do not look for false answers. Do not believe that anyone else knows better than you. Let your mind rest. Let your thinking settle, let the silence and emptiness be your best friend, and then in that magic revelation is yours for the taking.

Living a life of purpose

In this space of allowing each moment to show up, the perfection of life will emerge and then you will look back to see your purpose. No need to know your purpose in advance. Purpose lives in honoring our true self and does not need to be created or found. Purpose emerges through revelation. It is life living us. It is beauty itself. Effortless.

Find the ease in the noticing that takes place, that is revealed, when we live in the now.

When you let go of the shackles that have been binding you, whether they are the should’s of your own creation or the voice of others in your life. Let them go. Freedom is the state of being that will allow you to hear. Give yourself credit for the wisdom into which you were born and the source of wisdom that is your birthright. Do not dismiss it out of a false sense of wanting to control. It is through the letting go that true wisdom shows up. The wisdom of revelation in the moment. It is your birthright, and it is yours for the taking.

Chag Sameach and Happy Shavuot!

Less Stress More Success

Dedicated to Sharing the Wisdom of the 3 Principles

Deborah Baron

Written by

Executive, Leadership, and Transformative Life Coach. My clients find less stress and uncover a limitless world of possibility. More at

Less Stress More Success

Pointing to our inner nature, the 3 Principles behind how our minds work, where experience is created, where and how we find ease, creativity, and new possibility in any moment. Follow to join our community

Deborah Baron

Written by

Executive, Leadership, and Transformative Life Coach. My clients find less stress and uncover a limitless world of possibility. More at

Less Stress More Success

Pointing to our inner nature, the 3 Principles behind how our minds work, where experience is created, where and how we find ease, creativity, and new possibility in any moment. Follow to join our community

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