How to Fix a Bad Mood

or not…

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

We were driving to Buffalo last weekend to visit our daughter and her husband for the holiday. The weather was kind of crazy — one-minute torrential downpours, the next the sun shining, and then a few minutes later back to a torrential downpour.

Something interesting occurred to me as I was driving in and out of those thunderstorms. Something about the beauty and volatility of life. That our…




Pointing to our inner nature, the 3 Principles behind how our minds work, where experience is created, where and how we find ease, creativity, and new possibility in any moment. Follow to join our community

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Deborah Baron, I Coach Young Professionals

Deborah Baron, I Coach Young Professionals

I coach and mentor young professionals and emerging leaders to find their confidence and competence so they can step into their full potential.

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