Nothing But Cinema — Part 3

Pablo is beginning to understand that everything and anything that we experience is coming from our inner cinema and not the external circumstances. And just like in the cinema we experience the film, not the fact that we are sitting there watching it.

Pablo is now wondering if we get to choose the film just as we do in a real cinema.

Let’s join Paul & Pablo as they sort out their film library.

Today Paul is feeling gloomy and he wonders if his filter is in rewind mode because everything seems to have a sense of déjà vu about it. Even the new lockdown looks exactly the same as the previous ones.

A door slamming brings Paul back to reality….

These short stories are co-created by Isabelle Caratti and Lexie Bebbington. Both are passionate about helping people experience life with more flow, ease, and love.

They look forward to your comments and feedback: (Isabelle) (Lexie)

Have a lovely week and see you soon with Paul and Pablo.




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Isabelle Caratti

Isabelle Caratti

I felt like an uprooted tree after a series of blows of fate. But do we need roots when we are made to soar? I turn prisoners of their lives into playful actors