The Fine Line between Perseverance and Persistence

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where perseverance ends and where persistence begins. Where is the fine line between “not enough” and “too much”?

Let’s join Paul & Pablo as they explore this for themselves.

Pablo cannot help but be disappointed with the mark he received for his drawing in school. Paul asks:

- Did the teacher tell you why she did not give you a better grade?

- Yes, says Pablo sadly. She told me that she thought I did not try hard enough. It was about pointillism art, you know. The teacher wanted us to do some parts of the drawing with very close dots to create shadows and others with more widely spaced dots to create lighter areas. She said that my drawing is lacking structure!

- Ah! I see, says Paul. Do you think she feels that you gave up too soon? … that you should have persevered? Do you think that if you had added more dots your drawing would have gained in structure?

Pablo thinks about that one and asks:

- But Dad, what is the difference between perseverance and persistence? Does my drawing need to reach a certain number of dots to be good? Does that mean that if I don’t get enough dots or if I get too many, it is not good any more? Do I have to have the RIGHT number of dots on my drawing to get a GOOD grade?

- Good question!, says Paul. Why don’t you ask your teacher?

Thoughts start to spin around Pablo’s mind and after a moment he continues:

- You know, Dad, Joel’s grandmother has cancer and the latest treatment had no effect at all. Joel’s parents want her to keep on trying and trying, but Joel’s grandmother said that she doesn’t want to go on with the treatments any more. Joel’s parents would expect at least 10,000 dots in my drawing to be happy. But Joel’s grandma, she would be happy with the 1'000 dots. So, how do we know when it’s time to stop?, Pablo asks intrigued.

If you want to know when it’s time to stop, join Pablo!

These short stories are co-created by Isabelle Caratti and Lexie Bebbington. Both are passionate about helping people experience life with more flow, ease, and love.

They look forward to your comments and feedback: (Isabelle) (Lexie)

Have a lovely week and see you soon with Paul and Pablo.




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Isabelle Caratti

Isabelle Caratti

I felt like an uprooted tree after a series of blows of fate. But do we need roots when we are made to soar? I turn prisoners of their lives into playful actors