Do You Only Believe What You See? …or Can You Only See What You Believe?

Pablo doesn’t agree with Aline. But who is right? Pablo knows that he sees reality the way it looks to him. But then how do we actually know who is right?

Let’s join Paul and Pablo as they explore the moment when our reality takes shape?

Today when Pablo wakes up and looks out the window, the landscape has changed. A wide white blanket covers the lawn that was green only the day before.

“Yeh! I’m going sledding today”, Pablo says as he jumps out of bed and rushes down the stairs to have breakfast.

Isabelle has already gone for work and Paul, who works from home, has set the breakfast table. Speedy, the family cat, is sleeping as usual next to the toys that Pablo had brought down from the attic the day before.

“I’m happy to give my baby toys to children who don’t have enough toys and would not get anything for Christmas otherwise”, exclaims Pablo with a satisfied look.

He takes a blue sphere and slides it through the round hole in the roof of a toy house. The sphere makes a loud noise when it hits the floor of the miniature house. He then grabs the red triangle and slides it through the triangular slot in the roof and grabs the yellow cube to do the same through the square slot..

If this made you curious, have a listen!

These short stories are co-created by Isabelle Caratti and Lexie Bebbington. Both are passionate about helping people experience life with more flow, ease, and love.

They look forward to your comments and feedback: (Isabelle) (Lexie)

Have a lovely week and see you soon with Paul and Pablo.




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Isabelle Caratti

Isabelle Caratti

I felt like an uprooted tree after a series of blows of fate. But do we need roots when we are made to soar? I turn prisoners of their lives into playful actors