The Trapdoor of Stage Fright and the Reward of Perseverance — Part 1

What should we do when stage fright paralyses us? When fear gets in the way? When anxiety overwhelms us?

Let’s join Paul and Pablo as they look at the mechanism of fear behind the scenes.

Everyone at Pablo’s school is preparing for the yearly theatre performance and Pablo has chosen the role of technician. From backstage, he has, first of all, to pull on a chain to open a trapdoor in the floor, then he has to pull on a second chain to bring the enchanted table up onto the stage. The performance is scheduled for this afternoon and Pablo cannot help but feel worried and agitated. At first, Paul tries to do his work despite his son’s agitation but eventually, he gives up, puts his pencil down, and turns to Pablo.

- “Hey Pablo! You don’t quite seem yourself. Is anything the matter?”, Paul asks.

- “Yes, dad. I dreamed that at the moment when Nicolas pronounces the magic formula to make the table appear, I pulled on the second chain…and the table crashed under the trapdoor that just stayed stuck. Just thinking about that makes me feel really crushed!”, Pablo gasps.

- “Ah! You JUST had a nightmare”, Paul says calmly.

- “But dad, that was not even the end of it”, continues Pablo out of breath. “Then I hurried to pull the first chain and it was Nicolas who fell into the pit this time. The teacher was furious and the theatre performance stopped right there. And then all the parents were glaring at me as I left the room. I would have preferred to disappear into the trapdoor myself with the magic table! Or maybe even be crushed with the table. Oh, dad, I don’t want to go this afternoon. I think I’m going to say that I am sick”, sighs Pablo.

- “Oh Pablo, that sounds like it must have been a horrible nightmare, a really unpleasant experience! I can see why you’re feeling all uncomfortable now but let’s just look at this for a moment. You were lying in bed safely. But what I hear is that it felt like your worst-case scenario was coming true. So maybe it’s not just the table in the play that is magical”, Paul concludes with a wink to Pablo and with a smile in his voice…

If you are intrigued, have a listen!

This short story has been co-created by Isabelle Caratti and Lexie Bebbington. Both are passionate about helping people experience life with more flow, ease, and love.

They look forward to your comments and feedback: (Isabelle) (Lexie)

Have a lovely week and see you soon with Paul and Pablo.


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Behind the scenes…

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Isabelle Caratti

Isabelle Caratti

I felt like an uprooted tree after a series of blows of fate. But do we need roots when we are made to soar? I turn prisoners of their lives into playful actors