The Weather of our Emotions

We don’t see any point in trying to control the weather. Why then are we tasking ourselves with the impossible job of controlling our emotions?

Along with Paul and Pablo, let’s explore our inner weather, and what lies beyond the clouds and storms of our Emotions.

These short stories are created in French by Isabelle Caratti, translated into English by Maryse Godet, and narrated by Lexie Bebbington. All three are passionate about helping people experience life with more flow, ease, and love.

They look forward to your comments and feedback: (Isabelle) (Maryse) (Lexie)

Have a lovely week,




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Isabelle Caratti

Isabelle Caratti

I felt like an uprooted tree after a series of blows of fate. But do we need roots when we are made to soar? I turn prisoners of their lives into playful actors