Want to Be a More Valuable Employee? Drop Your Ego

Be you, but take “the me” out of the equation.

Photo: Hunters Race/Unsplash

When I graduated from college, I felt ready to take on the world and empowered to do great things. I had an image of landing a great job, having a boss who was impressed with me, getting promoted, working my way into management and beyond, and eventually running my own show. This is what success meant…




Pointing to our inner nature, the 3 Principles behind how our minds work, where experience is created, where and how we find ease, creativity, and new possibility in any moment. Follow to join our community

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Deborah Baron, I Coach Young Professionals

Deborah Baron, I Coach Young Professionals

I coach and mentor young professionals and emerging leaders to find their confidence and competence so they can step into their full potential.

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