What Do People Mean When They Say That G-d is Love?


Photo by Seiya Maeda on Unsplash

I didn’t use to understand.

Did they mean that there is this entity out there that loves us, no matter what?

And what does that mean? What does it mean to receive unconditional love from a spiritual energy that I will never understand? There wasn’t any sense in that for me.

Well, I figured it out. Thanks to my friend Derrick.

I asked him how he would describe love if he couldn’t use the word love. And now I understand.

But before I share my insight, let’s talk for a minute about G-d.

What is G-d?

Not everyone likes the word “G-d” and I get it. We were taught that word at a very young age and along with it came whatever definition we made up in our heads. And then, sometime later, we were asked if we believed in G-d.

We were asked if we believed in a definition that we made up in our heads. A little backward thinking if you ask me.

For me, G-d is not something to believe in or not believe in. It is a word that I am happy to use to describe that which is observable.

Observable to me is that there is something going on, beyond what we will ever understand.



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